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President Papadopoulos: No reason to panic over bird flu
2006-01-31 11:17:02

Nicosia, Jan 31 (CNA) – Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos has assured that all necessary measures for the protection of the government – controlled areas from bird flu are being taken, stressing that there is no reason for concern after two cases of the virus were detected in the Turkish – occupied north of Cyprus.

He also said that the government does not intend to close the check points to and from the occupied north. ''Two cases have been detected. But for 20 days now there has been no other incident either in the occupied Cyprus or in the government – controlled areas'', said the President, adding that ''this in itself is sufficient assurance that there is no reason to panic”.

He noted that the competent services have visited the areas near the occupied north for sample taking and expressed the hope that the results will prove that there has been no other incident.

Concluding, he said he realizes that measures taken at the check points can cause hassle but they are necessary and justified by the need to safeguard the people’s health.

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