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Frattini pledges to do everything possible over illegal immigration
2006-01-31 11:43:29

by Nicos Bellos

Brussels, Jan 31 (CNA) – Vice President of the European Commission, responsible for the European area of freedom, security and justice Franco Frattini assured Cyprus he will do everything possible to support Cyprus’ efforts to combat illegal immigration that is coming through the Turkish occupied north of Cyprus.

Cypriot Foreign Minister George Iacovou met today with Frattini and the two examined issues concerning illegal immigration and asylum as well as the Cypriot government’s intention to review the Constitution so that the provisions of the community directive on the European Arrest Warrant can be implemented.

Iacovou informed the Commissioner of the great dimensions illegal immigration is taking in Cyprus because of the increased influx of illegal immigrants from the Turkish occupied north of Cyprus entering the Republic through the ceasefire line. He called for the Commission’s active contribution to effectively handle the issue.

Foreign Minister Iacovou referred to the increased measures the government of Cyprus is taking to handle the phenomenon of illegal immigration and called on the Commissioner to call on third countries that can decisively act in restricting the influx of illegal immigrants through Cyprus, to other EU member states.

Frattini assured that he will intervene where necessary and do everything possible to support Cyprus’ efforts on this issue which is seriously dealt by the Commission and promised Iacovou that he will keep him informed on the initiatives he will undertake towards this direction.

The Commissioner also welcomed the Cyprus government’s intention to proceed with reviewing the Constitution, to cover the implementation of the European Arrest Warrant.

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