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British Government is neither neutral nor objective on Cyprus Problem, says Spokesman
2006-02-09 14:56:52

Nicosia, Feb 9 Cyprus Government Spokesman Mr. George Lillikas said Cyprus does not pursue a conflict with Britain but unfortunately Mr. Jack Straw's statements impose a climate of dispute, to which the government will not remain indifferent.

''We are determined to defend our rights and struggle to secure the right framework for solving the Cyprus issue and a right procedure that will lead to a settlement, he added.

He noted that there are contradictions in the British policy, as described in Mr. Straw's statements.

''On one hand he expresses the will of Great Britain to contribute to the settlement of the Cyprus question and on the other hand, with his unprovoked statements, he provokes the sentiments of the people and follows a biased position in favour of Turkish positions,'' he added.

This makes Britain's potential to facilitate the procedure of solving the Cyprus question or play a positive role almost impossible, he noted, adding that whoever wants to play a constructive role to facilitate efforts must be at least objective and neutral.

Mr. Lillikas also said there are conventions between Cyprus and Britain and rights and obligations deriving from them and which the Republic of Cyprus fulfills. ''Mr. Straw created a climate of confrontation by the way he organized his visit to Cyprus and with the program he had himself scheduled, despite our known to him disagreements, and intensified this climate with his unprovoked statements,'' Mr. Lillikas said.

Mr. Lillikas also said that on one hand Mr. Straw says that a settlement must reunite Cyprus and on the other he adopts and promotes the ideas of Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Abdullah Gul, which among others include Turkish Cypriot accession as a separate economic unity to the EU.

Furthermore, he noted that Mr. Straw adopts positions such as direct trade with the occupied areas, which leads to a political upgrading of the pseudostate and reinforces secessionist tendencies.

Mr. Lillikas said it is an unequivocal right of the Republic of Cyprus as a full EU member to demand the implementation of commitments of candidate states towards the EU, who no one can deprive from her.

''We maintain and we will exercise this right, whenever and when we deem it appropriate to serve European interests and our interests,'' he noted.

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