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Government says views should be expressed at formal meetings
2006-02-09 15:06:31

Nicosia, Feb 9 - Cypriot Government Spokesman George Lillikas has said it is not productive of someone who takes an initiative and intends to visit Nicosia to express his views, which are identical with the Turkish positions, through journalists before coming to Cyprus.

Responding to questions on the forthcoming visit of US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Mr. Matthew Bryza to Cyprus and invited to say whether he will be treated as British Foreign Secretary Mr. Jack Straw, Mr. Lillikas said that there has been no contact on the part of the US administration with the Cypriot government.

During his recent visit to Cyprus, Straw was not received by President Tassos Papadopoulos, because the British Foreign Secretary met with Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat at the so-called presidential palace, something which the Cypriot government criticised.

Mr. Lillikas noted that ''when someone takes an initiative by himself or believes that he can help or wants to investigate, I think the most fruitful way, irrelevantly of the views he might have, is to express his views at formal meetings he will have with our side.''

''I don't think such approaches create the appropriate climate to have a substantive dialogue, a creative dialogue, to be able to move forward. Such approaches retract the role that they may want to play,'' Mr. Lillikas said.

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