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Britain will not recognize the pseudostate, Foreign Office says
2006-02-14 15:18:29

London, Feb 10 (CNA) -- The recent statements made by British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw regarding Cyprus, meant no threat, a Spokesperson of the Foreign Office told CNA, stressing that the British government does not and will not recognize the illegal regime of the northern Turkish occupied part of Cyprus.

Invited by CNA to comment on the Greek Cypriot reaction regarding Straw’s statements, the Spokesperson said that Straw “was expressing his deep concern at the lack of progress towards a solution”.

“Straw emphasized the need for dialogue under the UN auspices that will lead to a settlement, acceptable to both communities. Unless there is dialogue prospect for a reunification will fail. We believe strongly that the absence of a settlement is bad to Cyprus, bad to the UK and bad to the EU”, the Spokesperson noted.

He concluded that “the Foreign Secretary’s comments were not a threat".

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