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Spokesman says Cypriot President to meet UN SG
2006-02-14 15:27:35

Nicosia, Feb 14 (CNA) – A meeting between Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan will be held soon, said here Tuesday Government Spokesman George Lillikas.

He added that efforts to prepare the ground for a new initiative should begin the soonest, irrespective of the May parliamentary elections on the island.

Invited to comment that negotiators on Cyprus are expecting President Papadopoulos’ proposals to see how efforts will proceed, the Spokesman said that he is aware of the reports.

The fact that these reports were broadcast simultaneously by various media with the same approach “one can only conclude that they came from a specific source and many reporters were informed simultaneously. This is clear”, he added.

“The Cypriot government has put forward to the UN SG, its proposals and changes it wants for a solution to the Cyprus problem and the President of the Republic has called on the SG not to be discouraged by the Prendergast report, from the distance that separates the interested and involved parties, but instead to intensify efforts so that soon the ground will be properly prepared to begin a new initiative with prospects for a success”, he added.

This remains our firm position”, said the spokesman, adding that there is no need for a UN envoy to come after the parliamentary elections because these elections do not affect at all the handling of the Cyprus problem.

Lillikas pointed out that the Cyprus problem is being handled by President Papadopoulos. Therefore the effort to prepare the ground must begin the soonest possible and irrespective of the Parliamentary elections”, he added.

Asked if a meeting between President Papadopoulos and Kofi Annan is scheduled, Lillikas reminded that as he had stated the day after the President spoke with Annan over the phone, it was agreed to have a meeting and the date and site of the meeting was left open.

Therefore the meeting will take place, despite some newspaper reports.

Asked when the meeting will take place he replied “soon”.

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