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Austria faces Cypriot positions in a positive way
2006-02-21 15:33:26

by Katerina Nicolaou

Vienna, Feb 21 (CNA) -- Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos has concluded a two - day working visit in Vienna, where he found a positive atmosphere as regards the Cyprus government's positions.

Speaking after his meetings, the President said that during his talks with Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel they exchanged views for the best preparation of the dialogue for a Cyprus settlement which will be further examined.

As regards the EU regulations for the development of the Turkish Cypriot community he said the EU Austrian Presidency will deal with the issue in the following days, making efforts for the decoupling of the funding regulation and the direct trade regulation.

''Austria's position was from the beginning that there should be no connection between the funding regulation and the regulation for the so called direct trade and I believe that the Austrian effort will be to achieve decoupling of the regulations'', he said.

Replying to a question, he said that the Cyprus issue will remain under the auspices of the United Nations, noting that the Austrian Chancellor agrees that the European Union can and should play a more active role since one of the core issues is that any settlement must comply with the acquis communautaire something that did not apply during the previous effort.''

''Now we need a more active contribution of the EU to safeguard that any arrangements will be compatible and in agreement with the acquis communautaire,'' he said.

As regards Turkey's European obligations, the Cypriot President noted that Schuessel was clear that these are independent of other developments and must be implemented, noting that this is a position of principle for Austria.

As regards the consultations for the preparation of the beginning of the dialogue for a Cyprus settlement he said: ''With regards to this field we have exchanged views, as to how this preparation can be best achieved, which we will further examine'', he concluded.

The President also had a meeting with representatives of Cypriots living in Austria and the Federation of the Greek Associations of the country.

He returns home Wednesday.

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