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Cyprus says Turkey showing real face to EU
2006-02-24 15:45:50

Nicosia, Feb 24 (CNA) - Cypriot Government Spokesman George Lillikas said today that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was slowly revealing Turkey's true face to the EU and not the image that had been formed through public relations.

Commenting on Erdogan's statement that Turkey was not taking into consideration the necessity to meet its obligations towards Cyprus, on the occasion of refusing to allow a Cyprus-flagged ship to dock at a Turkish port, Lillikas said that ''such political behaviour, which is provocative to insulting for the EU, neither creates the best conditions for Turkey to continue its European course nor does it create the image Erdogan wanted to form of a so-called European Turkey.''

''It is yet another expression of the expansionary policy, either military or political, which is also expressed towards the EU, and this must perturb us Cypriots regarding how Turkey would express itself in other instances towards the Republic of Cyprus, which is much smaller than the EU,'' Lillikas said.

Replying to questions, Lillikas said he was certain no European leader or politician dealing with the EU and Turkey's relations with the EU would have been especially satisfied with this reaction.

He added that the EU does not respond to every statement, be they by a Turk or anyone else, but pointed out that this kind of behaviour ''is taken into consideration.''

Asked about Cyprus' stance regarding a possible veto against Turkey, Lillikas said ''twice we did not block Turkey to begin its accession course, we want Turkey to proceed to the EU and we explain why and we remind that Turkey has obligations and cannot be differentiated from the other countries that have become members or are candidates.''

''We say that if Turkey does not meet its obligations, it will not leave us any other option than to exercise the veto,'' Lillikas said, adding that President Tassos Papadopoulos has said that ''it is our inalienable right and we will not abrogate this national right of ours.''

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