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Cypriot FM: Turkey should rise to the height of circumstances
2006-03-03 12:17:05

Nicosia, Mar 3 (CNA) – Cypriot Foreign Minister George Iacovou has called on the Turkish side to rise to the height of the circumstances and cooperate with UN SG Kofi Annan for Cyprus.

Responding to questions over the Turkish Cypriot reaction as regards the outcome of the Paris meeting between Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos and Annan, the Foreign Minister noted there is no doubt that the joint statement issued in Paris was an agreed document between the Cyprus Republic and the Secretary General.

He said the document contains indications that these efforts initiated by the Cypriot President have at least some support from the T/C side.

Noting that Ankara has remained unusually “astounded”, Iacovou urged the Turkish side “to realize how serious the moment is, rise to the height of the circumstances and participate in the process, which is supported by the UN”.

Concerning the objections of the Turkish Cypriot side that the issue of Turkish occupied Varosha and demilitarization were discussed, Iacovou said preparatory work on the agenda was made by the UN and these were only a few of the many issues discussed.

He noted that the two issues “were discussed in detail in Paris and that is why they found their way in the joint statement”.

As regards Turkey’s proposals he noted that no one in good faith would still think that Abdullah Gul’s proposals still have any place in the international public opinion.

On the visits of UN SG Special Representative Michael Moller to Ankara and Athens, he said that they were announced before the meeting in Paris with a view to discuss the outcome of the meeting.

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