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Cypriot President briefs National Council
2006-03-14 11:49:54

Nicosia, Mar 14 (CNA) - Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos gave the members of the National Council today a full briefing on developments regarding the EU regulations for the Turkish Cypriots, the results of his meeting in Paris with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and his talks in Athens with the Prime Minister and political leadership of Greece.

Replying to questions after the meeting of the National Council, top advisory body to the President on the handling of the Cyprus problem comprising parliamentary parties, Government Spokesman George Lillikas said the Council's view is that ''we must work, help in any possible way so that the UN Secretary General's efforts are successful,'' adding that the aim was not for the Cyprus problem to turn into a matter of ''public relations'' on the international scene.

Reading a statement issued after the meeting, Lillikas said the President replied to National Council members' questions and that all members, apart from the United Democrats, expressed satisfaction for the results of the Paris meeting and expressed their support to efforts to resume the process for the preparation of negotiations to solve the Cyprus problem.

Lillikas said the United Democrats disagreed with the last part of the statement, meaning that the party did not share the satisfaction of the other parties regarding the Paris meeting and did not express support to the efforts to resume the process for the preparation of talks.

Asked if the President intended to brief the Democratic Rally (DISY), which is currently abstaining from the National Council meetings, Lillikas said the place to be briefed was the Council and expressed regret that DISY was not present.

Replying to questions on the Turkish stance regarding the Paris meeting, Lillikas said the Turkish side has not given the green light to Annan to start a process leading to talks.

''We should keep in mind that it is Turkey that is responsible for the non solution of the Cyprus problem,'' he said, adding that ''we want the process agreed in Paris to be implemented.''

Lillikas noted that ''for us it is important that this initiative will be undertaken, to provide a continuity for the mobility that has begun for the setting up of committees with representatives of the leaders of the two communities in order to begin an effort to bridge differences, so that a new process of talks will have real prospects and potential to reach an agreed solution, and it is in this direction that we are working.''

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