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European Parliament calls on Turkey to fulfill obligations related to Cyprus
2006-03-16 14:37:55

Strasbourg, Mar 16 - The European Parliament has called on Turkey to fulfill its obligations deriving from the Customs Union Agreement and to implement the priorities in the Accession Partnership.

With 397 votes in favor, 95 against and 37 abstentions, the European Parliament plenary has adopted a report of Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Elmar Brok as regards the EU enlargement, expresssing regret for the unilateral Declaration made by Turkey on the occasion of the signature of the Additional Protocol to the Ankara Agreement and reminding Turkey ''that recognition of all Member States is a necessary component of the accession process”.

It also calls on the Turkish authorities “to fully implement the provisions stemming from the Customs Union Agreement and the priorities in the Accession Partnership and to remove without delay all restrictions on the free movement of goods affecting, inter alia, vessels flying the flag of the Republic of Cyprus or ships approaching Turkish ports from harbours in the Republic of Cyprus, or Cypriot aircraft”.

Furthermore it calls on the Turkish government to state clearly that the Declaration is not part of the ratification process in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, thereby enabling the European Parliament to ratify the Additional Protocol.

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