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Cyprus continuing measures against avian influenza
2006-03-20 11:40:12

Nicosia, Mar 19 (CNA) - Cypriot Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment Timmy Efthymiou said today that all measures that should have been taken to prevent avian influenza (bird flu) on the island are in place and that no further measures will be implemented unless a case of avian influenza is found in Cyprus.

The Minister reassured the public that "all the measures taken are more than those set out by the European Union," adding that "there is no cause for concern because the situation is under the full control of the state's services."

He added that the government was in contact with Brussels and international organisations dealing with avian influenza and that the state services were carrying out thorough checks on a daily basis.

Regarding the crossing points between the two sides on the island, Efthymiou said the only measure that has been withdrawn is the spraying of vehicles, adding that all other measures were in place.

He also expressed hope that the Turkish occupation regime and Turkey would respond to the Republic of Cyprus' plea for cooperation on the matter.

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