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European Commission ready to discuss aid implementation
2006-03-21 13:47:42

Nicosia, Mar 21 (CNA) - The European Commission has declared its readiness ''to consult with the government of the Republic of Cyprus about major aspects of the implementation of the assistance and will do so,'' head of the European Commission representation in Cyprus Themis Themistocleous said.

Themistocleous was replying to CNA questions regarding the government's role in implementing the EU regulation for the financial assistance of the Turkish Cypriot community.

Asked about the procedure to release the funds to the Turkish Cypriots, Themistocleous said ''the Commission is responsible for directly managing the assistance and is taking all the necessary steps for its implementation.''

''This entails programming the assistance with the Commission taking financing decisions by the end of 2006. In line with usual practice regarding managing of EU assistance, discussions are taking place with the beneficiary community in order to identify needs and priority areas for intervention,'' he added.

Themistocleous noted that ''it is premature at this stage to give details on the implementation structure as this still under consideration.''

Asked if the Turkish or Turkish Cypriot sides have rejected the appropriation through the Republic of Cyprus of the sum of 139 million euros in EU assistance, Themistocleous said he did not know if they have directly notified Brussels.

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