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Cyprus says Turkey's cooperation in air traffic can solve problems
2006-03-27 14:22:49

Larnaca, Mar 27 (CNA) - Cypriot Minister of Communications and Works Charis Thrasou has said that Turkey's cooperation in the interference with and interruption of the air traffic control within the Nicosia FIR could help solve problems, with technocratic criteria beyond political considerations.

Thrasou said that the government has been working quietly over the past few months and has been in close cooperation with Eurocontrol and other European and international organisations in order to solve the interference and interruptions by the Turks, which have been causing serious problems to the safety of flights and passengers.

''We have announced our intention to cooperate and, if the other side, which is Turkey, cooperates, then we believe this matter can be solved with technocratic criteria beyond political points,'' he added.

Turkey's, which does not recognise the Republic of Cyprus, occupies the island's northern areas since its troops invaded in 1974. The local administration in occupied Cyprus has set up its own air traffic control system which interferes with flights over Cyprus.

Thrasou was speaking at Larnaca Airport before departing for Brussels to participate in today's EU Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council.

He said the Council would discuss road transport, road safety, air transport safety, the Open Skies and the Galileo satellite system, among other issues.

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