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Near total eclipse of the sun in Cyprus
2006-03-29 12:20:26

Nicosia, Mar 29 - The sun was briefly almost blotted out in Cyprus on Wednesday during a near total eclipse. The moon and the sun aligned by 95% at 1058 GMT, casting a lunar shadow on the earth.

At its peak here, the phenomenon was visible from 1238 whereas peak time was at 1400 and the eclipse was over at 1515.

Four telescopes fitted with special filters were placed on the Fakas Institute's roof in Nicosia where the public could witness the eclipse.

Responding to the warning that eclipses should never be viewed except with proper optical filters or with glasses specially designed to filter out ultraviolet light, hundreds of eclipse glasses were bought in an effort to try to tackle the threat.

A number of Cypriots traveled to the tiny Greek island of Kastellorizo (a few kilometers off the coast of Turkey), the only part of the European Union to lie on the path of totality.

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