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Greek FM: We aim for a final, viable and just solution on Cyprus
2006-04-04 13:37:23

Larnaca, Apr 4 (CNA) - Greece's Minister of Foreign Affairs Dora Bakoyianni expressed the hope that cooperation between Cyprus and Greece will become even closer and more effective with her visit to the island.

She was speaking at Larnaca Airport on her arrival earlier Tuesday for a three-day official visit. Welcoming her, Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs George Iacovou said this official visit ''has great practical significance and great symbolism.''

''We look forward to the cooperation we will have over the next two days with Mrs. Bakoyianni and we will exchange views on a series of issues,'' he added.

Noting that she maintains close bonds with the island, Bakoyianni said Greece and Cyprus' fundamental aim is ''one and only, the final, viable and just solution to the Cyprus problem, a solution based on international law, international legality, relevant Security Council resolutions and the acquis communautaire, a solution which will benefit the people of Cyprus in its entirety, a solution of peace, stability and growth in the region.''

She added that the solution of the Cyprus problem is a firm aim and the first priority of the Greek foreign policy, noting that today's visit is part of the ''continued cooperation and coordination of the actions of both governments.''

Bakoyianni said that the two governments' cooperation is ''excellent, continuous and long-lasting'' and that after President of the Republic Tassos Papadopoulos' meeting in Paris with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan ''there is a new dynamic which we must make use of'' and described the meeting as ''important'', noting that she realised this after her recent visit to the US.

''I look forward to another constructive and substantial round of talks,'' Bakoyianni said.

Referring to the Annan Plan, she said it was rejected by the people of Cyprus. ''From the moment it was rejected, it became history. Whatever new initiative comes up, should be based on the acquis, the Security Council resolutions and the work which must take place in the meantime,'' she added.

Furthermore, she reminded that with Cyprus' accession to the EU, there is now a new European reality.

''What is important is the will of the people of Cyprus which has been expressed, it wants a solution, a fair, political, viable solution within the framework of the EU and towards this direction we will work,'' Bakoyianni concluded.

The Greek Minister was received this afternoon by President of the Republic Tassos Papadopoulos. On Wednesday, Bakoyianni will meet Iacovou and will hold official talks, followed by statements to the press.

She will also meet with House of Representatives President Demetris Christofias.

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