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Schlicher: "US working hard for Cyprus' reunification"
2006-04-11 11:54:32

Nicosia, Apr 11 - US Ambassador to Cyprus Mr. Ronald Schlicher said on Tuesday that the US Administration is working very hard to move forward on the Cyprus question.

Mr. Schlicher was speaking after meeting with AKEL Parliamentary Spokesman Mr. Nicos Katsourides who said there is a possibility to make a new start in the common efforts to finally solve the Cyprus problem.

In his statements, Mr. Schlicher said the meeting was one in a series of meetings ''with the political leadership element across the island and across a spectrum of parties'', noting that this is an "important part" of getting to know Cyprus.

The American ambassador said it is "very valuable for me to get first hand from the political leadership, what they think in great detail about how to move forward on the Cyprus question towards the reunification of the island which is of course what my government is working for very hard".

He noted that it is also very important for him in the middle of the parliamentary election season on the island, "to understand what your political leaders see as issues that are on the minds of the Cypriot people, certainly on the Cyprus question and how the people see that, how people see the way forward, what its vision is for the reunification of the island".

Mr. Schlicher added he is ''looking forward to see other political leaders in the other political parties as well" and that he looks "forward over the next three years to working with all of the leadership elements in all of the parties and seeking to find a way forward on the Cyprus question and the many other bilateral issues that we share".

Mr. Katsourides said he was glad to ascertain that there are new views on the part of the US. "First of all, the solution to the Cyprus problem is to the interest of all Cypriots, but also to the interest of the region and generally peace and security in the world".

"We made it clear that what we are seeking is not anything against our Turkish Cypriot compatriots", said Mr. Katsourides, adding that the priority is "safety of all Cypriots and to build a common happy future".

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