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Cypriot Spokesman: Turkey should implement all commitments towards EU
2006-04-19 12:28:43

Nicosia, Apr 19 (CNA) – The position of the Republic of Cyprus and other EU member states is that Turkey must implement all commitments it has undertaken towards the EU, said here Wednesday Government Spokesman George Lillikas.

He added that the Cyprus government is ready to handle any move on the part of Turkey for non-compliance with the protocol extending its customs union agreement with the new EU member states.

Invited to comment on reports that Turkey intends to appeal to international institutions in an effort not to implement the obligations it has undertaken towards the EU, Lillikas said that the government has no official information that Turkey has such thoughts or intention.

He assured that “the government is ready for a series of possible scenarios or possible moves on the part of Turkey or other countries and accordingly there will be action or reaction by us”.

“For us there is a clear commitment and obligation on the part of Turkey to adopt and implement the protocol as well as the whole of the acquis communautaire in order for its EU course to proceed. This is the EU position, as noted in the letter of the 25 to Turkey’s statement, and we insist on the implementation and execution of its committements”, he added.

Asked if there is a possibility for Turkey to appeal to any international court, the Cypriot Spokesman said “there are possibilities, however we do not believe it can turn into a legal aspect”.

“Our position, just as the position of the 25 EU members is that Turkey must adopt and implement all that it has undertaken towards the EU and therefore towards the Republic of Cyprus”, he concluded.

Turkey has so far failed to implement the Ankara Agreement, extending its customs union agreement to all new EU states, including the Republic of Cyprus, which it does not recognise.

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