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Cyprus FM says Turkey already knows proposed "action" plan has no content
2006-04-20 10:44:19

Nicosia, Apr 20 - Cyprus Foreign Minister George Iacovou has said that Ankara has already understood that Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Gul's "action" plan on Cyprus has no content.

Commenting on press reports regarding the visit of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Ankara next week and the possible discussion of the so-called Turkish action plan on Cyprus, Mr. Iacovou noted that this information came from Turkish sources.

''I am certain that the Turkish side might refer to it but I consider it completely improbable that much time is consumed on such an issue, which lacks content and tries to link the legal obligations of Turkey with issues concerning aspects of the Cyprus question", he added.

''No country can accept that,'' he stressed.

The Foreign Minister also said that Turkey cannot cite the principle term of the Ankara Protocol to call the European Commission to arbitration as regards the issues concerning the Additional Protocol for the ten new EU member states.

He underlined that Ankara's obligations concerning the opening of its ports and airports to Cypriot ships and airplanes are still in place.

''We will wait for Turkey's rendezvous with the Council of the EU Foreign Ministers, probably to the held in October, to hear Turkey's intentions as regards the implementation of these obligations,'' he added.

Asked whether the Republic of Cyprus is examining the possibility of using legal means provided by the World Trade Organization, Mr. Iacovou said ''we consider the issue as a political one and that there is an absolute engagement and obligation of Turkey.''

Mr. Iacovou then noted that ''we have surely asked for opinions, we have them and my conclusion is that these opinions are very propitious for our positions, but we would not want to enter into a process that could take months and maybe more than months and in the meantime Turkey will allege that now that there are legal means we will wait and see what will happen with these legal means.''

He stressed that ''Turkey can ask from the European Commission and not by the Republic of Cyprus for an issue to be referred to arbitration but the Commission must agree to that.''

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