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Government: Rice's reference on 'north Cyprus' inappropriate
2006-04-26 16:57:24

Nicosia, Apr 26 (CNA) - US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice?s reference to "north Cyprus" is an inappropriate term, Government Spokesman George Lillikas said today, commenting on the statements made by Rice yesterday in Athens.

?Her reference to ?north Cyprus? is surely an inappropriate term. For the government of Cyprus there are ?Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus?. The term used by the European Union in some of its documents regarding the acquis communautaire is ?areas not controlled by the Republic of Cyprus? but which still belong to the Republic of Cyprus?, Lillikas noted.

Referring to Rice?s statements on Turkey?s EU course, he said that ?the US policy to facilitate Turkey?s EU course is well known to us. Rice?s statements yesterday were made in the framework of this US policy?.

Commenting on Rice?s statement that ?at the time that Cyprus, a still divided island, acceded to the EU, there was an understanding that Cyprus would certainly do nothing to block Turkey?s accession?, Lillikas said that ?today?s government of Cyprus can not express any position on that, since by the time of Cyprus? accession there was an other government on power?.

?Any promises or commitments given by this government have been honored?, he added.

He reiterated that Cyprus favors Turkey?s EU course, provided that the country abides by its EU commitments.

?Our policy and stance regarding Turkey?s progress towards the EU is well known. We favor Turkey?s EU accession, under some basic terms and preconditions, as set by the EU itself?, he concluded.

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