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A Cypriot American may hold the ?World's Oldest Barber? title
2006-04-25 15:57:47

A Cypriot American may hold the ?Worlds? Oldest Barber? title according to an article in the New York Times which appeared on March 31, 2006.

According to the article, written by Corey Kilgannon, Aristides Demetriou was born in Karavas, Cyprus on November 8, 1910. ?By the age of 10 he was standing on crates to cut hair and give straight-razor shaves. At 15 he got his own shop from his father, but gave it up at 20 for America. Armed with his scissors and a grammar school education, he came through Ellis Island on February 18, 1930; joined New York's hairdressers union; and set up a shop for three years on Amsterdam and 67th Street.?

After eighty-five years of service, snipping through time as the flapper, the upsweep, the beehive, the permanent wave, the shag and the wedge became characteristic hairstyles of their era, Mr. Demetriou felt that it was time to put down the scissors.

?I feel great but my poor wife is getting lonely waiting for me to retire.? Said Mr. Demetriou as he set the day of his retirement so that he can spend time with his wife, Maria, 83, and their family.

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