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Candidacies for parliamentary elections submitted
2006-05-03 11:57:57

Nicosia, May 3 (CNA) - Candidates for the parliamentary elections of May 21 submitted their candidacies today at their respective district offices.

In statements, the leaders of the political parties, who accompanied their candidates, said they were hopeful they would emerge strengthened from these elections.

General Secretary of leftwing AKEL Demetris Christofias said his party's aim was to have a powerful presence in the House, and promised that he and his party's candidates would do everything possible in the service of the people and for the reunification of Cyprus, in the context of a federation that will operate correctly, will secure the respect of human rights and will justify the people of Cyprus.

Replying to questions, Christofias called on AKEL's followers ''to put all their strength until the last moment in bringing about the best possible outcome for the party, which for eighty whole years is unfailingly serving the interests of the people.''

President of the Democratic Rally (DISY) Nicos Anastasiades said votes to the party would create a strong opposition that would secure an effective administration, adding that DISY was entering the election struggle with the most promising candidates.

''I believe we are running with the most excellent candidates, with clear positions, clear proposals and political continuity, and I believe the votes of the civil society, as expressed through our ballot, will lead to a strong opposition, so that there is a more effective administration,'' Anastasiades said, adding that ''votes to DISY are power for the citizen and security for Cyprus.''

Deputy President of the Democratic Party (DIKO) Nicos Kleanthous said that ''in these elections clear political messages must be sent by the citizens and there must be a reaffirmation of the will of the people, as it was expressed through the referendum'' on the Cyprus solution plan proposed by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, known as the Annan Plan.

He said ''it would be a pity for the national cause of Cyprus to send the wrong message that the policy the people rejected is adopted or rewarded,'' adding that ''this would be the worst that could happen for the messages that must be sent, mainly abroad,'' and that ''strengthening DIKO meant strengthening the armour of the Republic of Cyprus.''

President of the Social Democrats Movement EDEK Yiannakis Omirou sent a message ''to the citizens to support EDEK,'' adding that ''EDEK has an inarguable testimony of credibility and reliability, an honoured past which guarantees a hopeful future.''

Omirou noted that ''EDEK looks forward with optimism and confidence to these elections to emerge through the popular font strong for Cyprus and our people,'' adding that a powerful EDEK would secure a strong voice for Cyprus in the European Socialist Movement.

President of the European Party Demetris Syllouris said that with the party's candidates the people of Cyprus had an option and could send the clear message to those who supported the Annan Plan that ''the people of Cyprus could support us, who seek a realistic European solution, utilising today's realities of Cyprus' accession to the EU.''

Syllouris noted that the people of Cyprus could send the message that they want ''changes and reform of the state, so that the state becomes European, serves instead of harassing the citizens, and becomes a state that is humane, that upgrades the quality of life of the Cypriot citizens, who have paid so much politically and economically for Cyprus' accession to the EU.''

President of the United Democrats Michalis Papapetrou said that ''the reunification of Cyprus is our duty, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots,'' adding that reunification ''will not come about with trench struggles, fighting windmills of the past, or our adhesion to phobic syndromes and dead end policies.''

Papapetrou noted that the party's aim was the felling of the dividing wall with courage and determination, with initiatives, clear and attainable solutions, adding that ''the power of hope, the aspiration and expectation for the reunification of a Cyprus of progress and European integration is and remains our driving force.''

President of the Democratic Struggling Movement (ADIK) Dinos Michaelides, whose party is running with the European Party in the elections, said that the result of the parliamentary elections would reward those who rejected the Annan Plan.

Michaelides assured that ''the people will always find us next to them and no one has to search to find us, because we are always there, beside them.''

General Secretary of the Ecologists Environmentalists Movement, Cyprus' Green Party, George Perdikis called on the people of Cyprus to send the message by voting for the Green Party that they want a clean political environment.

''We call on the res cogitans, the citizens who commune with themselves, who know that politics is not a football championship, the citizens who have abandoned the exploitation of our homeland, as well as talk about catastrophes, the citizens who know very well that after May 21 the government will not change but the composition of the House will, to think of the option of the Movement of Ecologists Environmentalists and send the message in all directions, government and opposition, that they want a clean political environment,'' he said.

President of the European Democracy Prodromos Prodromou said the party was running for a presence in the House and the renewal of its parliamentary participation.

He also expressed certainty that the party's presence in the House would be useful and said he hoped ''we will be there again with a clear voice in the House.''

The Front for the Restructuring of the Centre will be running for the elections with AKEL. In a press release, the Front says it joined AKEL in the election struggle ''with an aim to have an enhanced presence in public affairs, to strengthen the coalition progressive democratic forces, and to contribute with all our strength in the struggles for the prosperity of the people and the country.''

It adds that its participation in AKEL's ballot aims at securing a strong parliamentary group, which will support the government, will promote the interests of the citizens and will continue the struggle for a just, functional and viable solution of the Cyprus problem.

President of the Movement Free Citizens Timmy Efthymiou expressed certainty that the movement would be in the new House with more than one seats.

He said ''we will see this in practice'' on May 21.

There are also candidacies from the Popular Socialist Movement (LASOK) and independent candidacies, including a candidate from the Political Movement of Hunters, who will be considered an independent candidate.

Furthermore, there are candidacies for the three seats of the religious groups, namely the Armenians, the Maronites and the Latins, who elect a representative each.

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