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The mouflon - A natural treasure of Cyprus
2006-05-03 11:36:55

The Mouflon - a species of wild sheep - is endemic to Cyprus, where it is considered to be a real treasure of the forests.

It is the island's biggest wild mammal, believed to have come to Cyprus at around 8000 BC together with the first humans.

In the past, it was common on both the main mountain ranges, Troodos and Pentadaktylos. Uncontrolled hunting led to a dramatic decrease of the mouflon population. It is now a protected species.

During the 1930s there were only 15 animals left, which found refuge in the Paphos forest. In view of the high risk of extinction, the whole Paphos state forest was designated a game reserve area and the mouflon population recovered. Today, it numbers thousands of animals.

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