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Egypt and Cyprus reaffirm very friendly relations
2006-05-04 12:20:02

Larnaca, May 4 - Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos said Egypt steadfastly supports Cyprus' positions on the Cyprus problem at the UN and other international organizations, as well as the Organisation of Islamic Conference.

Speaking at Larnaca Airport before departing for Egypt for an official visit on Wednesday evening, President Papadopoulos said he considered his trip to be ''very important'' since it will reaffirm and enhance the ''very friendly relations we have with Egypt for many years now.''

He added that during his visit ''a number of agreements will be signed to expand our cooperation with the friendly country of Egypt to other sectors,'' and expressed hope that his visit ''will be successful and fruitful.''

Replying to questions, President Papadopoulos said ''Egypt is one of the few countries that is constant in its support of the Cypriot positions at all international fora, and the UN and other international organisations, even the Organisation of Islamic Conference, where the climate is not very friendly towards us.''

President Papadopoulos noted that Egypt ''steadfastly supports our positions'' and expressed gratitude towards the country and especially the Egyptian government and President Hosni Mubarak.

Asked about the agreements to be signed, President Papadopoulos said Egypt has been ''very successful in exploring and exploiting natural gas and oil deposits, near the borders of the two exclusive economic zones, that is in a radius of about 300 miles off Cyprus' coasts.''

Meanwhile, the Council of Ministers approved early on Wednesday five interstate agreements between Cyprus and Egypt on research and the co-exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits in the line between the exclusive economic zones of the two countries.

The agreements cover the co-exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits in the line between the two countries' exclusive economic zones, the participation of Cyprus in the income from the exploitation of the deposits possibly in Cyprus' marine area, and the cooperation of the two countries in the production of electricity and renewable energy sources.

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