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Cyprus elects new Parliament
2006-05-22 11:49:51

Nicosia, May 22 - After a long and at times heated election campaign, six political parties have been elected to the new Parliament during last Sunday's ninth parliamentary contest in the history of the Republic of Cyprus.

The number of women deputies has increased from six to eight.

Leftwing AKEL, the government coalition partner, maintained its lead which it got in the 2001 elections and received 131,237 votes or 31.16%, which translated into 18 seats, as opposed to 20 it had in the previous House.

Main opposition Rightwing Democratic Rally (DISY), with 127,734 votes, follows in second place, with a percentage of 30.33%, gaining 18 seats, one seat less than the number the party secured in May 2001.

Both AKEL and DISY recorded a drop in their share of the vote, since the 2001 parliamentary elections.

The centre right ruling Democratic Party (DIKO), led by Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos, got 75,429 votes or 17.91% and increased its seats to 11 from nine, which it got in 2001.

The Social Democrats Movement EDEK recorded a sharp rise in its share of the vote, with 37,531 or 8,91%, which translates into 5 seats, as opposed to the 4 it had in the past.

The European Party (EVROKO), which ran in parliamentary elections for the first time since it was set up, received 24,152 votes or 5.73% and now has 3 seats.

The Ecologists and Environmentalists Movement maintained its one seat in parliament with 8,192 votes or 1,95%.

The parliament that dissolved in April 2006 had nine parties. Now only six parties are represented in the House.

Of a total of 501,024 registered voters islandwide, 445,989 voted. There were 421,148 valid ballots, 55,035 abstentions, 14,737 invalid ballots, and 10,104 blank.

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