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Cyprus government satisfied with parliamentary elections
2006-05-22 12:07:38

Nicosia, May 22 (CNA) - The Cyprus government has expressed satisfaction regarding the impeccable parliamentary elections, which took place yesterday, and especially for the proper behaviour of the citizens both during the pre-election period and the elections themselves.

''The controversies and tension we saw in the past among the candidates, especially on the day of the elections, did not appear, they have totally disappeared in these elections and we welcome this,'' Government Spokesman George Lillikas said today.

He added that the Cypriot citizens showed a very high level of political behaviour and accountability, adding that the elections do not cause a rift among the candidates any more but become a topic of democratic dialogue.

Asked if the government felt strengthened with the result of the elections, Lillikas said the President of the Republic himself stated yesterday that the government appeared strengthened, adding that both the government and the political powers of the island must make their evaluations and receive the messages of the voters.

He added that the government continues its work to implement the administration programme of President Tassos Papadopoulos, which has been formed in cooperation with all parties participating in the government.

''Let us build on that which unites us and not on that which separates us, to create a strong internal front,'' he concluded.

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