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Cyprus government will do everything possible to ensure success of a new reunification process
2006-05-25 11:17:19

Nicosia, May 25 - Cyprus Government Spokesman George Lillikas has said that the Greek Cypriot side supports every efforts towards discussions on a technical level of issues that could facilitate the resumption of talks to solve the Cyprus problem.

He added that if UN Secretary General Kofi Annan expected something specific from the Greek Cypriot side, he would have said so in his recent report on the renewal of the mandate of the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP).

Asked about Mr. Annan's report, in which the UN official says he expects certain things from both sides on the island, Mr. Lillikas said that ''if there was something specific, I think it would be written in the report.''

''We must understand that the Secretary General, in a transitional period when efforts are indeed being made by his representative here and which was preceded by the meeting in Paris'' between Annan and Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos, ''and the aim of the Secretary General is to achieve the preparation of a new round or a new initiative of talks on the Cyprus problem, in his reports he must maintain a balance, otherwise he hinders the efforts of the UN,'' he added.

Mr. Lillikas also said that ''efforts are underway and we will do everything possible and everything that depends on us, at least, to maintain the best possible climate to give a real chance for a new process that will be able to bring us to well prepared talks with possibilities of reaching an agreed solution.''

Asked about the possible visit to Cyprus of UN Undersecretary General for Political Affairs Ibrahim Gambari, Lillikas said there is such a possibility and noted that such a visit would be welcome.

He added that ''the position of the President of the Republic is that Mr. Gambari's visit could have preceded the parliamentary elections,'' since the Cyprus problem is dealt with by the government and the National Council, and not the House of Representatives.

Lillikas also said he did not have any specific dates to announce regarding the possible arrival of Gambari in Cyprus.

Referring to Turkey's stance, the Spokesman said that ''if Turkey wanted a solution, it has all the ways to show it in practice and to help, by ceasing to violate all principles of international law, the UN Charter and the acquis communautaire.''

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