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Cyprus Government calls for implementation of Paris agreement
2006-05-31 11:03:24

Nicosia, May 31 - The Cypriot government deems that UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan believes the conditions are not right at the moment to start new negotiations for a Cyprus settlement.

That's why Cyprus Government Spokesman George Lillikas stressed the need to implement the soonest the agreement reached in Paris during President of the Republic Tassos Papadopoulos' meeting with Mr. Annan.

"Only this way", he added, ''will there be a proper preparation of the ground and the creation of the conditions which the Secretary-General refers to in his letter, to allow the Organisation, under the auspices of which we want the Cyprus problem to remain, to undertake a new initiative of direct negotiations, with the aim to solve the Cyprus problem.''

The Spokesman's reaction was in response to a letter send by UN Chief Kofi Annan to Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat, as reported in the Turkish Cypriot press.

Furthermore, Mr. Lillikas expressed the government's regret and disappointment over Turkey's refusal to proceed with the approval of the Ankara Agreement by the National Assembly.

He stressed that this stance will be judged by the European Union within 2006.

Commenting on Turkish statements which rejected reports that the protocol was referred to the Turkish National Assembly, the Spokesman said the Cypriot government would have welcomed such an initiative on the part of the Turkish side ''because it would have shown that for the first time it would be making some steps towards the implementation of its commitments which it voluntarily undertook towards the EU.''

''We are saddened by and disappointed with Turkey's negative stance and its refusal to proceed with the approval by the National Assembly of the Ankara Agreement,'' he said, adding that Turkey ''of course will be judged by the EU in 2006."

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