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Cypriots come together to mark World Environment Day
2006-06-05 15:59:45

Nicosia, Jun 4 (CNA) - Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots will come together on June 5 to mark the World Environment Day and discuss how they can protect their common environmental assets and heritage.

The event, called "Eco Forum - World Environment Day 2006", is an initiative of the United Nations Development Program.

According to an announcement released by the organisers, this year's theme is "Desertification", which is of particular concern in Cyprus.

"The island faces a number of environmental threats, such as a worsening water balance, due to factors such as agricultural activity, climate change and development. In addition, Cyprus faces an erosion problem, stemming from mining and quarrying as well as coastal tourist developments, which also pose a threat to sensitive environmental habitats," the press release says.

Eco Forum will provide a platform this year for discussion on water issues in Cyprus, the impact of business on the environment and the relationship between environmental NGOs and the media.

The three-day environmental fair will seek to forge new partnerships and stimulate ideas for implementing potential solutions to environmental problems on the island.

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