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Spokesman says Turkish Cypriots enjoy all services and rights
2006-06-05 16:04:02

Nicosia, Jun 5 (CNA) - Government Spokesman George Lillikas said today that if the Turkish Cypriots are ''isolated'' then this is due to the Turkish invasion, occupation and division of the island and not the fault of the Republic of Cyprus, which is providing all services and rights to the Turkish Cypriots.

Asked about statements by MEPs, members of the European Parliament contact group with the Turkish Cypriots, who held meetings in the Turkish occupied areas of the island, Lillikas said ''we will wait for the final report of the group,'' adding that he did not think it wise to comment on remarks of each of the members of the group.

To a remark that it appears the objective of the meetings in the occupied areas was to find a way around the so-called embargoes against the Turkish Cypriots, Lillikas said ''we do not accept that there is an embargo and in any case if there is any isolation of the Turkish Cypriots, it is due to the Turkish invasion and continued occupation and division of our island.''

''It is not due to the Republic of Cyprus, which still provides all the services and rights to our Turkish Cypriots compatriots, who as citizens of the Republic of Cyprus enjoy the rights enjoyed by the rest of the Cypriot citizens, without indeed obligations towards the Republic of Cyprus, as the rest of the citizens,'' he added.

The Spokesman noted that there is an EU decision adopting the proposal of the President of the Republic to open the Famagusta port under the control of the EU and to return Famagusta to its legitimate inhabitants, adding that ''the decision of the Council, leading to a new directive on direct trade with the Turkish Cypriots, includes the conclusions of the Luxembourg presidency.''

''We are ready and are working for the adoption of this new directive in the framework set out by the EU Council itself,'' he said, noting that this is the basis for those interested in lifting the so-called embargo to work on.

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