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Cyprus has launched an awareness campaign over climate changes!
2006-06-08 12:14:03

Nicosia, Jun 7 -- Cyprus has launched an awareness campaign over climate changes, the first such campaign in the EU, with the slogan ?You control climate change?.

Head of the EU's Representation in Cyprus Themis Themistocleous said that the 20th century has been the warmest century to date while the 90?s decade was the warmest in the last one thousand years, and this was due to the increased concentration of 'greenhouse gases' that are released by human activities.

He also said the campaign aims to inform EU citizens on the problem and show that they too can contribute to handling it.

Mr. Themistocleous added that 16% of the households are directly responsible for the EU?s greenhouse gas emissions while private vehicles are responsible for around half of the emissions related to transport.

With some changes in our daily lives, we can conserve energy and cut down gas emissions significantly, he noted.

The main message of the campaign is that simple daily choices, like turning up the air conditioning or leaving a tap to drip or a light switched on, have a direct impact on climate change.

This message is translated into the slogan, ?You control climate change.? The supporting line on the poster - ?Turn Down. Switch Off. Recycle. Walk.? - directs people to the many things they can easily do to reduce their carbon emissions.

The campaign will take part in three phases, in June, September and November and targets secondary school pupils, who will be encouraged to sign a pledge to reduce their CO2 emissions and track their efforts. It has a budget of 4.7 million euro.

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