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European Council draft conclusions call on Turkey to meet obligations
2006-06-14 11:25:43

Brussels, Jun 14 - The European Council draft conclusions, expected to be adopted today and tomorrow in Brussels, clearly refer to the EU statement of 21 September 2005 on Turkey's obligations towards the EU, including the implementation of the additional protocol extending its customs union to the 10new EU member states.

According to EU sources, the reference is made in paragraph 38 of the draft conclusions which concerns Turkey.

According to the draft conclusions, the European Council ''reviewed progress made in the acquis screening and welcomes the start of substantive accession negotiations with Turkey'' and that ''Turkey is expected to share the values, objectives and the legal order set out in the treaties.''

''The Union is committed to support Turkey in its efforts to comply with the Union's standards and membership obligations, including the Copenhagen criteria,'' it adds.

The European Council ''recalls, in line with previous conclusions, that the current negotiations are based on each country's own merits and that their pace will depend on each country's progress in preparing for accession measured against the requirements set out in the Negotiating Framework.''

This includes the ''fulfillment of Turkey's obligations under the Association Agreement and under its Additional Protocol, full implementation of which will be evaluated in 2006 as agreed in the Declaration of the European Union and Member States of 21 September 2005, as well as implementation of the revised Accession Partnership.''

The European Council ''calls on Turkey to intensify the reform process and to implement it fully and effectively, so as to ensure its irreversibility and sustainability as well as to progress towards the complete fulfillment of the Copenhagen political criteria.''

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