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Commission takes decisions regarding financial aid to T/Cs
2006-06-23 17:23:30

by Nicos Bellos

Brussels, Jun 23 (CNA) -- The European Commission took today a decision and on Monday will take a second one, regarding the allocation of the financial aid to the Turkish Cypriot community of Cyprus, amounting to 139 million Euros.

The Commission?s decisions meet full Nicosia's goals, since they give legal form to the conditions set by the EU Council of Ministers.

These conditions are that the allocation of the financial aid will not lead to the recognition of the so called state in Turkish occupied northern part of Cyprus, that the Commission will ask for the consults of the Republic of Cyprus as regards the allocation of the money and thirdly that there should be a special consultation with the Republic of Cyprus when problems arise during the execution of the projects that have to do with Greek Cypriot properties in the north.

The implementation of the financial aid regulation will take place through two mechanisms.

The first mechanism that was decided today provides for a team of 4 ? 5 Commission?s employees of Enlargement DG to be working in Nicosia, at the European Commission?s Representation office. The team will be responsible for the implementation of the programme.

The government of Cyprus has secured that no independent office of the Commission in the occupied areas will function. The Commission's team will be using in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus an office that will not be functioning independently. The team?s seat will be the Commission?s Representation office in Nicosia.

The second decision that will be approved on Monday concern technical support through the TΑΙΕΧ mechanism, that comprises of a team of external associates, who specialize in the acquis communautaire.

After taking the above decisions, the Commission will be able by next month to implement the financial aid regulation.

The projects funded by the Commission fall within the infrastructure aspect (they include road constructions and sewerage projects), actions to help Turkish Cypriots harmonize with the acquis comunautaire, as well as actions for the rapprochement between the two communities through the civil society.

The amount of 139 million euros allocated for the Turkish Cypriot community, is considered to be the biggest per capita economic help ever given by the European Union.

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