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Cyprus protests Turkish violations of its airspace to the UN
2006-06-28 12:36:27

Cyprus has protested to the United Nations the mass violations of its national airspace and the Nicosia FIR by Turkish military aircraft, during the period 16 March - 8 June 2006.

In a letter to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Cyprus? Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Andreas Mavroyiannis, strongly protests the violations by the Turkish air force, calling for an end to this practice, which threatens air security in the area.

The Cypriot diplomat stressed that such acts do not help the mission of Good Offices of the UN Secretary-General in the search for a solution to the long-standing Cyprus problem.

Mr. Mavroyiannis noted that Turkey continues to flagrantly disregard international law and UN Security Council resolutions, following a partitionist policy, thus blocking progress in the efforts for a peaceful solution.

In his letter, Mr. Mavroyiannis further urged the Secretary-General to exert his influence towards the Turkish government to avoid such acts that deteriorate the already tense atmosphere and deepen even further the gap between words and deeds.

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