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Cyprus Government Position at the Technical Committee is ?final and irrevocable?.
2006-06-28 12:38:35

The Cyprus government?s position on the discussion of core issues of the Cyprus question with a parallel discussion on everyday issues at the technical committees is ?final and irrevocable?, Cypriot Foreign Minister George Lillikas has said.

Responding to questions after a meeting with US Ambassador in Nicosia Ronald Schlicher and invited to comment on information that the US favors the beginning of discussions on everyday issues, Mr. Lillikas said: ?Firstly we are interested in what we have agreed with the UN SG, that is to discuss issues that will be included in any solution plan of the Cyprus problem, with a view to minimize the differences, or to prepare the common ground, or to collect elements that will be mutually accepted by both communities, so as to make it easier for the SG to move on to a new initiative for negotiations?.

Mr. Lillikas further noted that ?we are willing in parallel with this process to discuss everyday issues, in which the Turkish Cypriots are interested?, adding that if the T/Cs and Turkey change their stance they will do so from the beginning.

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