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Cyprus asks for clarifications from US over aircraft landings
2006-06-28 15:06:09

Nicosia, Jun 27? Cyprus has asked for clarifications from the US as regards reports on landings of CIA aircrafts to Cyprus airports carrying terrorism suspects.

Cypriot Foreign Minister Mr. George Lillikas said that his Ministry together with Ministry of Communications and Works, the Department of Civil Aviation and the Attorney General?s office will meet next week to examine the issue which was discussed during a meeting in Nicosia on Tuesday between Mr. Lillikas and US Ambassador to Cyprus Ronald Schlicher.

Mr. Lillikas briefed the US Ambassador on the discussion held earlier on Tuesday at a House of Representatives Committee on this issue.

He noted that the US Ambassador "was positive and they will give us the clarifications we are asking for".

Speaking at the House, Mr. Lillikas assured the parliamentary Committee of Human Rights that there is no agreement of Cyprus with the US as regards the use of airports of the Republic, by CIA, or any other US services.

A report by Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe PACE Mr. Dick Marty said that Cyprus along with Germany, Turkey and Spain was a ?staging point? for flights involving the unlawful transfer of detainees.

Mr. Lillikas said he is aware of the PACE report as well as relevant reports of Amnesty International and the Foreign Ministry has given detailed answers as regards them.

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