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Cypriots rank first in EU's 25 regarding living kidney donors
2006-06-29 11:55:26

Brussels, Jun 27- Cypriots ranked first in 2004 among the EU 25 members as regards living donors of kidneys.

According to European Commission data, Cypriots came first in 2004, in proportion to population, regarding kidney living donors with 41,4 per million population, followed by Slovenians with 27,5 Swedish with 15,8 and Dutch with 15,3.

Regarding dead donors of organs, the Spanish ranked first in 2004 with 34,6 per million population, followed by the Portuguese with 22,2, Irish with 22,1, Belgians with 21,83 and Italians with 21,1.

In Cyprus, the dead donors of organs were 11,4 per million.

European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection Markos Kyprianou, himself as Cypriot, has launched an EU public consultation on future EU action in the area of organ donation and transplantation.

The Cypriot Commissioner said "organ transplants are among the great medical miracles which save the lives of thousands of people across Europe every year. However, access to this life-saving treatment and its quality varies depending on which Member State you are in".

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