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Bakoyiannis backs bicommunal cooperation in Cyprus through legality
2006-07-05 10:46:52

By Christa Nicolaou

Athens, Jul 4 (CNA) ? ?The Cyprus problem has not yet been solved and we must encourage cooperation between the island's two communities, without however, even indirectly, undermining the legality of the internationally recognized Cypriot state,? the Republic of Cyprus, Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyiannis has stressed.

In her address to the Arab-Greek Chamber of Commerce and Development on the occasion of the 25 years since its establishment, Bakoyiannis noted the support of the Arab world to Cyprus.

Cyprus was counting on the friendly Arab countries, she said, noting that this support used to create an important nucleus for UN decisions, which before Cyprus? independence, were asking for self ?determination for the island, whilst after the 1974 Turkish invasion and occupation, they demanded the withdrawal of the occupation troops and a solution of the problem through peaceful means.

Bakoyiannis expressed disappointment and regret over a recent decision on Cyprus by the Islamic Conference in Baku, which encourages Islamic nations to trade directly with the Turkish Cypriot regime, in occupied Cyprus.

''Arab countries have always supported the sole legal government of Cyprus and, just like Greece, they back firmly a political settlement of a bizonal bicommunal federation to the benefit of both communities, Greek and Turkish Cypriot,'' she concluded.

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