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Gambari discusses Cyprus question with Greek Foreign Minister
2006-07-05 11:41:22

by Christa Nicolaou

Athens, Jul 5 (CNA) -- UN Undersecretary General for Political Affairs Ibrahim Gambari and Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Dora Bakoyiannis reviewed the entire situation with regard to the Cyprus issue.

Gambari, who visited Ankara before going to Athens, described the discussion as frank, cordial and extremely constructive, noting the meeting was very good.

He said ''this is part of my own process of consultations, fact-finding mission, which has taken me to Ankara and here now.''

''And my colleagues and I will proceed to the island to have discussions with Mr. Papadopoulos and Mr. Talat, and we'll try to assist in finding ways in which there can be forward movement in terms of the possible re-launching of the negotiations for a comprehensive settlement,'' he added.

He said ''we are not there yet, but we hope that these discussions will point the way at the end of which I'm going to report, of course, to the Secretary General and to the Security Council as to whether or not there is sufficient political will and flexibility in order to consider re-launching the peace process.''

Bakoyiannis said she discussed with Gambari the efforts by the UN Secretary General and outlined the positions of the Greek Government on the Cyprus question.

''We consider that the meeting which the UN Secretary General had with President Papadopoulos in Paris was particularly important and the effort which must begin in Cyprus on the so called technical discusses must definitely, along with a certain deadline and agenda, address issues of political substance, as economic issues, a census, which comprises the beginning of a preparation for any new proposal for the beginning of negotiations by the UN,'' she noted.

Asked if Gambari conveyed a letter by Annan, Bakoyiannis replied negatively, adding that, as he has said himself, his mission to Cyprus and his visits to Ankara and Athens are fact-finding.

Invited to comment on information by Ankara that the Turkish side asked from Gambari that any new initiative is not far from the parameters of the Annan plan, she reiterated that ''the Annan plan does not exist now, because it has not been accepted by the majority of the Greek Cypriots.''

''Any new effort must be based on three principles: the work that has been done by the Secretary General, the UN resolutions and the European reality of Cyprus today,'' she added.

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