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Cyprus committed to contribute towards combating illegal immigration
2006-07-11 16:13:48

Nicosia, Jul 11 (CNA) - Former Minister of Foreign Affairs George Iacovou has conveyed the commitment of the Republic of Cyprus to contribute towards combating illegal immigration, as well as towards the economic development of the countries of origin of the immigrants.

Speaking at the EU-Africa ministerial meeting on immigration and development, taking place in Rabat, Iacovou referred to the connection between immigration and economic welfare, noting that ''the challenge we are facing is to work together in order to combat illegal immigration and to help the economic growth of the countries of origin, so that young people living in these countries are not forced to seek a better life abroad.''

Iacovou is leading a two-member delegation as a special envoy of President Tassos Papadopoulos. The meeting is being held at the initiative of France, Spain and Morocco, with the participation of all EU members and 27 African countries, as well as observers from international organisation and third countries.

The meeting aims at establishing a dialogue on immigration and adopting a common stance to tackle immigration and the subsequent problems. It ends today with the adoption of a declaration and action plan.

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