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US thank Cyprus for helping evacuation of US nationals from Lebanon
2006-07-18 18:07:09

Nicosia, Jul 18 (CNA) -- The US government expressed its sincere gratitude towards the Republic of Cyprus regarding the services it offers for the evacuation of American citizens who are fleeing Lebanon.

''We are grateful for the collaboration the Republic of Cyprus has offered us in this difficult situation to evacuate people from Lebanon. We are working together with the government of Cyprus in this. There is a great opportunity here before us to deepen our cooperation,'' Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Bryza told Cypriot journalists.

US Ambassador in Nicosia Ronald Schlicher said that a vessel has already left for Lebanon, to transfer via Cyprus around 800 American citizens who are abandoning Lebanon.

He added that in Lebanon there are around 20,000 US citizens, who may want to leave the country.

''I would like to express the thanks of my government for the remarkable cooperation we have with the government of the Republic of Cyprus and for the humanitarian concern we receive from them,'' the Ambassador said.

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