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Cypriot MP visits war-battered Beirut
2006-07-26 16:18:36

Nicosia, Jul 26 (CNA) -- The Lebanese government and all Lebanese parties look forward to a more active involvement of the European Union in efforts to secure an end to the hostilities in Lebanon, Cypriot left-wing AKEL party MP Dinos Hadjinicola told CNA today, adding that after 12 days of Israeli air raids the people in Beirut ''fear that the worst is yet to come.''

Hadjinicola is participating in the European Parliament's Confederal Group of the European United Left - Nordic Green Left delegation visiting battered Beirut.

''A total of 700,000 people are concentrated in Beirut which is bombarded daily and there is a serious care problem for these people,'' Hadjinicola told CNA.

He added that the Lebanese Social Affairs Minister has made an appeal for medicine, tents, milk, child food and other necessity items, noting that the Lebanese Minister also conveyed her thanks towards the Cypriot government and the Cypriot people for the assistance the country is providing to the persons fleeing Lebanon.

The common position shared by all Lebanese officials we have met is that the raids must stop and all must engage in a dialogue to find a solution. They are asking for a more active involvement by the EU and the UN for the immediate termination of the hostilities, he said.

He also noted that the delegation was advised not to visit areas in northern Lebanon or to move around unnecessarily in Beirut.

''Most of the time we can hear the bombs exploding, the whole city is full of smoke,'' Hadjinicola said.

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