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Cyprus ready to contribute to humanitarian aid for Lebanon
2006-07-26 16:22:54

Nicosia, Jul 26 (CNA) -- Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs George Lillikas expressed today Cyprus' readiness to contribute towards efforts to send humanitarian aid to civilians in war-ravaged Lebanon.

Speaking at the international conference in Rome on Lebanon, Lillikas referred to the human dimension of the conflict, pointing out the need for humanitarian aid to the civilians in the battered country.

''Cyprus is ready to contribute in a substantial and constructive manner to sending humanitarian aid to Lebanon,'' the Cypriot Minister noted, according to an official press release.

He also pointed out Cyprus' role in the evacuation of foreign nationals from Lebanon, assisting the repatriation of a total of 40,000 persons so far.

''In the framework of this effort and in collaboration with the UN, the Red Cross and the aid of the European Commission, Cyprus has set up the necessary infrastructure and mechanisms, which are at the disposal of our partners in the EU, aiming at repatriating an additional number of persons,'' Lillikas added.

During the conference, the Foreign Ministers representing countries from all over the world as well as representatives from international organisations focused on the human dimension of the conflict, the urgent need for the termination of the hostilities, and discussed the possibility for deploying an international peace force in Lebanon.

''The proposals and suggestions by the participants constitute a good basis for the presentation of a solid proposal aiming at the termination of hostilities and the creation and deployment of an international peace force in the country,'' Lillikas said.

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