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''Doctors of the World-Cyprus'' coordinates aid with Lebanese government
2006-07-27 12:11:22

Nicosia, Jul 27 -- A three-member Cypriot delegation of the Organization "Doctors of the World" that is currently on a humanitarian mission in Lebanon, took part today in a meeting at the Lebanese Prime Minister's office, to discuss the coordination of actions between the Organization and the Lebanese government for the promotion of humanitarian aid.

Speaking to the press, honorary President of the "Doctors of the World- Cyprus", children?s surgeon and MP, Eleni Theocharous, said that the discussions are on the right track, adding that the aid reaching Lebanon from Cyprus will be distributed to the Lebanese people according to their needs, as identified by the Cypriot representatives of "Doctors of the World".

"This means that an office should be established, as it was the case in Sri Lanka. The office will be cooperating with the Lebanese government and the aid will be distributed to the areas that most need help, mainly in southern Lebanon", she said.

"We are in the crisis handling department, trying to establish the right basis between "Doctors of the World" and the Lebanese government for administrating the humanitarian aid that will start pouring into Lebanon", Ms. Theocharous added.

Today, 11 tons of humanitarian aid that arrived in Lebanon from Cyprus, valued at 80,000 US dollars, will be distributed to the people who need it, she added.

Last night, the Cypriot delegation of doctors, was on its way back to Beirut from Sidon, where they witnessed "enormous waves of refugees who were abandoning their homes with great speed on the bad mountain roads", according to Ms. Theocharous.

Meanwhile, President of "Doctors of the World-Cyprus" Elias Papadopoulos said that the Cypriot team of doctors was the first one to visit the war-torn areas of Lebanon.

He added that two and a half million people are expelled from their homes for the second time in their lives, and appealed to the people of Cyprus for help to be send to Lebanon, as well as for volunteer psychologists, sociologists and other experts to take care of the children who arrive in Cyprus, most of them unescorted.

In statements to the press, Mr. Papadopoulos said that at the end of this week, Cyprus will send a second ship with humanitarian aid to Lebanon and a second mission of members of "Doctors of the World-Cyprus" in August.

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