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Fifty tons of Cypriot humanitarian aid on its way to Lebanon
2006-07-31 15:05:17

Nicosia, Jul 31 (CNA) - Fifty tons of humanitarian aid from the Cypriot division of Doctors of the World has been loaded onto Indian navy ship ''INS BETWA'' destined for Beirut, so that it can be distributed to regions in need once a ceasefire is achieved.

Honourary President of the division Eleni Theocharous told CNA that the aid includes food, medicine and other necessities.

Theocharous, who until yesterday was in Lebanon on a Doctors of the World mission, said she had never seen such appalling conditions.

Regarding the bombing of Qana, Theocharous said this was one of many terrible incidents and that the bombing of women and children is yet another link in the chain of crimes against the Lebanese and Palestinians.

She added that ''we will deplore all these phenomena with all our might, seeking a permanent truce which may lead to a permanent solution.''

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