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Oil spill biggest threat for Lebanon shores, says EU Commissioner
2006-08-08 16:33:15

Nicosia, Aug 8 -- Cypriot EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection Marcos Kyprianou described the oil spill caused by the bombing of Lebanon as the biggest threat for Lebanon shores, perhaps even Syria.

Mr. Kyprianou also said the spill does not seem to be moving westerly, adding however that through satellites used by the EU, "we are monitoring its movement and we have decided how to act in case the oil spill moves towards the west."

He added that the relevant European organization which is based in Malta has in its possession vessels that can handle such incidents and will be on alert if the oil spill moves towards open seas.

"An action plan should be prepared to correctly handle the oil spill, because I insist the ecological disaster is enormous," he pointed out.

The greatest problem in handling the spill is the safety issue, since various countries, including Cyprus, have exhibited interest to participate in an effort to combat the spill but "the political intervention of the EU is required so that the safety of the expert staff and equipment will be secured."

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