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US senators express gratitude to Cyprus over help in Lebanon crisis
2006-08-08 16:42:58

Nicosia, Aug 8 -- A total of 72 US senators signed a letter addressed to Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos expressing their gratitude to the government, the President "and the people of Cyprus for the extraordinary support and kindness extended to US and other citizens leaving Lebanon".

The senators said the "leadership exhibited by the Cypriot government and the generosity of the Cypriot people to accommodate these and the many other citizens of other countries during this trying time will not soon be forgotten by the US".

The senators also praised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government services for working around the clock to assist foreign nationals arriving in Cyprus, noting that those who remained in Cyprus awaiting for their chartered flights to their onward destinations, were provided temporary residence at the "Cyprus State Fairs Authority which generously made its premises in Nicosia available to US citizens".

These sentiments were also reflected today (8.10.06) in The Washington Times in a report by James Morrison (Embassy Row).

Click here to read The Washington Times report.

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