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Stationing of foreign troops at British Bases follows specific procedure
2006-08-11 13:25:13

Nicosia, Aug 11 (CNA) -- Any stationing of foreign troops at the British Bases follows a specific procedure through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said here Friday Defence Minister Fivos Klokkaris.

Invited to comment on a report published in Friday?s edition of ?Simerini? newspaper that a number of American marines have flooded the British Bases at Akrotiri, Klokkaris said that a specific procedure is being followed when it comes to the stationing of foreign troops at the British Bases.

Member of the House Defence Committee Aristos Aristotelous said the government is aware that the ?Bases are in a state of alert?, noting however that it is ?unacceptable for the Bases to be used for any other purpose other than for the defence of Britain. The use of the Bases to serve any other power which is involved in the Middle East crisis is not justified?, he added.

?We are demanding the British show the befitting respect towards the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus and inform the state before any such action?, Aristotelous added.

Britain has retained two military bases (Dhekelia and Akrotiri) in Cyprus since 1960 when the island obtained its independence from British colonial rule.

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