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EUROCONTROL praises Cyprus Civil Aviation over Lebanon crisis
2006-08-24 14:37:17

Nicosia, Aug 24-- EUROCONTROL Director General Victor Aguado has expressed great satisfaction with the way Cyprus Civil Aviation has acted during the crisis in Lebanon.

In a letter to Minister of Communications and Works Haris Thrasou, Mr. Aguado conveyed his congratulations and noted that the excellent work of the Cypriot air traffic control services and airports and of Cyprus in general contributed substantively to the evacuation of non-combatant civilians from Lebanon and to the transport of humanitarian aid.

The letter said that EUROCONTROL services are ready to offer any help Cyprus will need in this difficult task.

The Ministry of Communications and Works, in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry and with the support of Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos, has already begun to work out an action plan for the promotion of Cyprus? regional role in the air transports.

Civil Aviation services worked to full capacity during the recent crisis to serve inbound and outbound aircraft, most of which flew to and from Lebanon carrying either evacuees or humanitarian aid.

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