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Crimes: Recovery of Stolen Items
2001-09-06 00:14:26

The Cyprus Police Force in cooperation with the Department of Antiquities, the Church of Cyprus and collectors of art treasures, have since 1974 constantly endeavored to inform INTERPOL, police forces of other countries, and the international art market about items stolen or looted from the northern part of Cyprus.

There have been notable successes which resulted in the recovery of icons and ancient earthenware from the UK in 1974, ancient figurines (3000 BC) from auctioneers in London in 1976, icons in the Netherlands in 1981, and a large number of icons, mosaics and frescoes from Germany in 1997 and in the Netherlands in 1998.

One of the most notable cases has been the recovery of mosaics taken from the Church of Kanakaria in 1989, when an Indianapolis Court reaffirmed their ownership by the Church of Cyprus and ordered a US art dealer to return them to Cyprus.

The authorities of Cyprus are constantly trying to obtain possession of art works stolen from the occupied area and are currently in Europe, North America and Japan.

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